​​GAMEFACE is a bodysculpting womenswear brand based in Amsterdam. 

GAMEFACE researched the body shapes of the world’s most iconic women and based their Visual Body Sculpting™ line work on it. Visual Body Sculpting™ is a technique used to sculpt and support the natural body. GAMEFACE invented their VBS™ technique to shape the female curves and narrow the waistline. 

All the items the brand sells are made by hand by the two founders in their atelier in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The designers create the patterns, cut the fabric, sew every piece, and tailor items for their clients. Every item they make is made from scratch into a garment. Because of this process, the garments feel as personal to them as they will feel to their clients after their purchase. The designers provide this very personal approach to make sure everyone can wear items that fit their body perfectly.

‘’We pour all our time and love into the items and we want the wearer to feel that.’’